Dragon*Con Guide: What is Dragon*Con?

Dragon*Con is a multi-genre convention that encompasses comic books, science fiction, anime, costuming, science, pop culture, and just overall geekery. The most recent estimate places the attendance numbers right around 50,000. What separates Dragon*Con from all other conventions is the laid back party vibe that lasts for 24 hours a days, for nearly 5 days straight! There’s no convention center that closes at night, and there’s no media hype machine to plug the latest movie;  just fans, having a damn good time. I attended for the first time in 2008, and I compare my experience to a religious CONversion of sorts. Ever since then, I’ve been trying to get others to come so that they too may experience the joy that I feel over every Labor Day weekend in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. If you have a passion for anything under the geek banner, I would highly encourage you to visit Dragon*Con at least once. You’ll be hooked for life afterwards!

For more information, see the official Dragon*Con website and stay tuned for my future updates in the Dragon*Con Guide series.


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