Dragon*Con Guide: Buying a Membership

Updated: July 2013

There are a few different options for purchasing a Dragon*Con membership (aka badge or pass):

1. First, there’s the full weekend option. It’s for all 4 days (Fri-Mon), and it goes on sale a year in advance, typically on the last day of con for the following year’s event. The price steadily increases over the course of the year, ranging from around $70 in September all the way to $130+ at the door. Go to the Dragon*Con Store to buy your badge.

2 Second, there are single day passes, ranging in price from $35-50, depending on the day. Tip: Saturday is the busiest and most expensive. The drawback to single day passes are that they can only be bought on that day you’re actually attending (aside from a small number of pre-sales for Saturday).

3, Third, there are multi-day passes, but these are only available for certain day combinations. Usually the combinations are not released until the summer. Again, you can only purchase these at the door on the first day you’re going to attend. Single and multi-day pass prices now available!

4. Finally, there are Eternal Memberships, which are currently going for $2,000. I doubt many people are going to purchase one of these, but in case you want to, the only perks are a separate badge pick up area on site and access to a hospitality suite on Thursday. Seriously, just save your money!

All badges are non-refundable and non-transferable!!

What does a badge get you?

  • Full access to the official programming of events, demonstrations, panels, performances, and concerts. Security is posted outside each of the rooms with programming, and they will not allow you to enter the room without a badge.
  • Entrance into the host hotels, period. In recent years, Dragon*Con has instituted a “lock down” protocol at peak hours and in the evening. Hotel staff will man the various entrances into each of the host hotels, and they will not let anyone without a badge enter the building at all! Gone are the days when you could just roam the hallways for free without worry of being booted out.
  • Entrance into the dealer rooms, exhibitor halls, and the Walk of Fame where celebrity guests are located. NOTE: the costs of autographs and photo-ops are not included!

You bought a weekend pass in advance, now what? Expect to  be mailed a bright colored postcard within a few months of purchase that looks like this:

Be sure to bring this card with you because it has a barcode on the back that will make pulling your information up a breeze. Also bring a picture ID. I’ve personally experienced the horror of waiting in line for 2+ hours before they went to a computerized system.

Note: you can pickup a badge for someone else if you bright a written and signed note from that individual with a photocopy of their picture ID.


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